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Hey there everyone and welcome The Negative Reader! Here is where I host my sporkings, snarks, essays and other literary nonsense and have a good time while a stare into the abyss of bad popular literature. I hope you sit down, have a cup of tea and enjoy!


I love Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt is honestly my first folkloric love. While I first cut my teeth on Greek and Roman myth, it was with Egypt that I really started to like it. The cosmology, the focus on order against chaos, and just the fact that everyone loves Egypt, but not many people seem to really get it right was always something that I really enjoyed learning about.

Which is why I dislike this book on such a personal level.

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Last part was awful. Truly and completely awful.

But don’t expect anything that even resembles a reaction against what we saw. So, Zoey and Neferet met one another again, and Neferet really must have moved quickly or Zoey must have been a lot more lost than she’s letting on.

Or the Casts just don’t really comprehend little things like how to pace a book.

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Life and Death is a weird book. For one thing, it was kept completely secret by Meyer and her publishers, while in the past they’d been very willing to crow about new things. While everyone was sort of aware that ‘new content’ was going to be on the 10th Anniversary Edition of Twilight, most people assumed that it was going to be nothing more than some content from Meyer where she discussed her journey or maybe included some part of Midnight Sun to tide over the people who were still mad about the fallout that happened after Breaking Dawn.

I wasn’t expecting another book.

Nor was I expecting Meyer’s reasons for write this book.

And honestly, the reasons were 90% of the problem with the entire book.

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Alright, last chapter, Zoey was a complete and total idiot, nearly got herself killed, hit her head, and had a dream about Nyx who, for some reason that’s beyond me, has decided that Zoey is the specialist little snowflake to ever fall from heaven, so she’s going to be Nyx’s ‘eyes and ears’ in the real world.

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This chapter was physically painful to read. It offends me as a writer, as a folklore nerd, as a Lit major, and as a human being.

I’ve been actually putting off sporking it, because I wanted to maintain a professional demeanor when doing it, and I hate it just that much. At least Granny Redbird isn’t here yet.

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Yes, I’m getting slower. I’m tried of collecting degrees.

Welcome to another session of ‘chapters that really should have been cut, but the authors were too lazy to do so’. I understand that the Casts want to have some characterization before things get interesting, but every chapter should do something to advance the plot, and that’s something that the Casts are really having trouble doing.

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Did you miss me?

Welcome back everyone. Last chapter, nothing much happened. We had Zoey be a twit to her boyfriend (?) and her mother and pack a bunch of thongs while shaming her brother for a hobby that she doesn’t like and her sister for…essentially doing what Zoey wants to do.

This chapter does less.

I would like to apologize to all Christians, Conservatives and everyone who hates strawman arguments.

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